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Transcription and Translation Services

  • General transcription – There may be a transcription service that requires a transcriptionist who just does a good job of understanding you and transcribing it accurately. Examples of these types of transcription needs could be dictation for writing memos, a speech you want transcribed or a sermon you want transcribed.

  • Legal transcription – All legal transcription services are available. You want one transcriptionist to work for a specific attorney or want an established transcription company to handle the work of a law office.

  • Sermon transcription – Post your sermon on your church website. Send it to anyone who missed it.

  • Spanish to English translation – translate your Spanish audio into English.

  • English to Spanish translation – translate your English audio into Spanish.

  • Interview transcription – Interviews that contain either only two speakers or multiple speakers (any number)

  • Academic transcription – Any research or dissertation work for professors, students, etc.

  • Focus Group transcription – transcription of roundtable discussions, etc., where there is one or more moderators and other participants

  • Business transcription – Correspondence, discussions, business interviews, Excel lists, etc.

  • Podcast transcription – Podcasts transcribed for your own use or place on your website

  • Conference transcription – Conference calls or onsite conferences

  • Meeting transcription – Meetings with any number of speakers

  • Investigative Transcription – Investigative Transcription Services for adding value to your work.

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