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We at Transcription Vendors are committed to giving you the best transcription service in the industry. If you're searching for a transcription company for the first time, we hope you'll spend some time getting to know us and see what makes us so unique. We are the only transcription company that will manage your transcription project for you with accuracy guarantee at affordable rates, and also give the option to letting you work directly with a transcriber listed on the website. You will typically pay lower rate if you are working with a transcriptionist directly and will still enjoy accuracy guarantee so long you are uploading and paying for your files through our website.

We only use qualified transcriptionists who have passed our rigorous transcription test. We also take the guesswork out of pricing your project through our transparent, simple, and affordable transcription rates. Our desire is to provide you with the best possible transcription services so that you can be freed up to do what you do best.

Our transcription services are tailored to help anyone in almost any industry in need of having audio transcribed. Our typical projects are for business transcription, general transcription, interview transcription, insurance transcription, academic transcription, legal transcription and more. We also do Spanish transcription and translation of documents in any language. We provide affordable transcription services to meet your deadline without breaking your budget.
We only use US based transcribers for transcription work managed by us. There are transcribers from other countries listed on the site that we you can chose to work with by directly contacting them. We guarantee a 98% rate of accuracy or better. Because we have transcriptionists based in US & Canada transcribing your audio, we are able to offer exceptional transcription services at an affordable price.

You may choose to select US based or overseas transcribers on the website if you want to work with a specific transcriber and deal with her directly for your transcribing services. They understand that their transcription quality has to meet your standards in order to get paid for the transcription work.

Manage Your Own Transcriber!
Find Qualified & Experienced Independent Transcriptionists
Without Paying a Premium to Large Outsourcing Companies

Are you looking for a reliable place to outsource your transcription work? You want to deal with one person or one company that understands your unique needs, and is reliable and professional.

Did you know that more and more projects are getting outsourced either to a dedicated virtual transcriptionist or to a transcription company? We use many of the same professional transcriptionists which you pay a premium for at large outsource companies – the difference here is we cut out the "middle man" while still providing the same level of security, reliability and accountability you expect.

A professional transcriptionist who is used to your style, accent and context will produce accurate transcription every time, without fail. Your virtual transcriptionist will be loyal, on time, and less expensive than getting the same job done in-house.

Remember, this is a skilled profession! Transcription Vendors transcriptionists are rigorously tested to meet our strict level of language and terms mastery and professional skills you need to get your projects done the right way. 95% of our member transcriptionists currently live and work in the United States.

Transcription Vendors brings you the best of both worlds. We help you find the right independent transcriptionist to meet your needs, and you can rest assured your files are safe in our secure system. We guarantee 98% accuracy for good recording, or your money back!

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