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Video transcription involves converting video files into text documents. A video transcript is a text version of all of the words spoken in a video. After carefully watching and listening the video several times, a transcriber transcribes each spoken word and sound effects into text.

You can transcribe videos of commercials, songs, films, interviews, television serials, motion pictures, academic and educational trainings for various purposes. The transcriptions of these video files are useful for educational organizations, schools, universities, Television networks, independent producers, educational organizations and multimedia companies.

Without text, Google can't tell much about your video only from the title and tags. By having your video transcribed, and uploading that transcript to YouTube, you will able to provide specific information about the content of your video to Google. When someone will search for a specific phrase mentioned in the video in the search engine, Google will be able to include your video in the search results with the help of text, and may even start the video playing!

Also video transcript helps those people who have difficulty in watching the audio visual format of the TV or movie show and needs to read the video transcription to understand the content better.

Transcription Vendors provides accurate and high quality video transcription services. Our highly qualified professional transcriptionists capture all the conversations in a movie/TV with accuracy including the sound effects. This helps the spectators to follow the conversation more accurately and clearly.

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