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  • Sermon transcription – who wants it and why
  • Different from general transcriptions.
  • Editing the transcript
  • Formatting the transcript
  • Right transcriptionist

Pastors, ministers of churches, Christian organizations and even common church going Christians might feel the need to get their sermons and preaching transcribed.

Many use sermon transcripts only for their private use or as reference material; others use it to spread the word of God. Preachers can use transcripts of the sermons they have delivered as manuscripts to approach publishers. Christian organizations and churches might want to use sermon transcripts to make their teachings available online with the purpose of reaching out to as many as possible. The reason why people choose to transcribe sermons is because reading it is much easier and more personal than listening to audio recordings.

The Transcription Company or the transcriptionist must understand that sermon transcription is not the same as general transcription or even conference transcription. Not only is the transcriptionist required to eliminate miscellaneous words or interjections used in verbal language like “you know”, “like”, “err” etc but must also be capable of editing the transcript.

Editing a sermon transcript includes correcting the grammar as well as tallying quotes and scriptures with their original sources. Even as this is done, the transcriptionist must always remember not to allow the very meaning and intention of the sermon to be compromised.

The way a transcript is formatted happens to be especially important in sermon transcription; though there is no specific format, many a time the customer desires biblical style formatting. A transcription company must let the customer choose the way their transcripts are to be formatted.

All of this together makes sermon transcription a very specialized job. It would always help if the transcriptionist has some understanding of Christian faith or at least has keen interest in it. Such a transcriptionist would be more involved in the entire process.

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