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  • What is a Conference?
  • Why transcribe Conferences?
  • Intelligent / verbatim transcriptions
  • Nature of Conferences

A Conference can be defined as any exchange of knowledge, information or a discussion in a prearranged meeting with a formal agenda. The formal, professional nature of conferences makes it important to maintain an accurate record of the discussions that take place during its course. This can either be done by someone in the conference who is dedicated to registering every valuable point expressed by any of the participants or by creating an audio recording of the conference and getting it professionally transcribed. Audio recording and transcription has inherent advantage over manual registering as it reduces the chances of human errors.

Intelligent word to word (verbatim) transcription has become an integral part of conference transcription. It means eliminating miscellaneous words or interjections used in verbal language like “you know”, “like”, “err” etc without ignoring any vital piece of information expressed in the conference. Any transcriptionist doing Conference Transcription must be capable of accurately conducting this exercise. However it must be remembered that intelligent verbatim may not be essential to conference transcription, many a times customers / client want literal transcriptions of their audio files.

Conference transcription can include press conferences, research interviews, lectures, board meetings, seminars, focus groups, corporate meetings etc. The very medium of conference can also vary; no more do participants need to be face to face when it comes to conferencing. A conference can also be conducted over the Internet or Telephone. The recordings of telephonic and online conferences are normally of better audio quality, making the job of the transcriptionist easier.

Maintaining confidentiality becomes a far more important issue when it comes to Conference Transcription. Many a time important internal, sensitive issues are discussed by the participants. The transcription company as well as the transcriptionist must take due care not to allow any data leak during their handling of the transcript or the audio files.

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