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Are you considering having your podcast episodes transcribed? Well, it’s the time. As you know, podcast transcription attracts organic traffic too. Make your podcasts searchable and accessible easily with text transcripts. Transcribe your podcasts and help your audiences find and use it.

Long podcasts make it hard to capture or cite interesting things that people say. Reading imprints it in the mind while audio may not. That’s why some people prefer text.

Secondly, having the text of your podcast on your site opens your podcast up to those who are hearing impaired/deaf. With transcript along your podcast, you will be able to share the information, thus expanding your base of visitors.

What to ask your podcast transcription vendor

A transcriptionist listens to the audio, and types it into Word or text document. There are multiple levels of transcription that could be very useful to a podcaster.

  • Summary - The main points of the podcast are pulled out, in order, and put into text.
  • Strict verbatim - Every sound is typed. This includes the uhs, ums, ahs, and sentence pauses, stutters, and restarts.
  • Cleaned up verbatim - The uhs, ums, ahs, and other such filler sounds are omitted from the transcription, but sentence pauses, stutters, and restarts are included.
  • Edited - In this form of transcription, filler sounds are omitted, as are sentence pauses, stutters, and restarts. This form of transcription is cleaner, and looks better in writing, making it easier for the reader to understand.

You can opt for any of the above types of podcast transcription.

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