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Set Your Own Rates and Be Your Own Boss!

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Hands-down, being a professional transcriptionist is one of the greatest work-from-home professions existing today. You are your our own boss, you set your own hours and rates, and you even get to decide what kind of clients or industries you wish to work in!

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And here’s the best part: Outsourced transcription and translation services is a tens of billions of dollars a year industry in the United States alone (yes, that’s BILLION with a capital “B”!) - and estimated to be growing by a whopping 15% a year! More and more businesses, academics, medical and other industry professionals are outsourcing their transcription needs so they may focus on their core activities, saving them costly time, money and resources in the process.

As a Transcription Vendors transcriptionist, you are in a position to offer your clients a whole lot of additional value, including:

  1. An unmatched guarantee of quality and high accuracy in your work
  2. A professional web profile and easy to use secure online file management system for your clients
  3. Credentials as a certified professional transcriptionist meeting our high standards of ethics, skill and ability
We also offer a wide variety of marketing and support services to grow your business, including a proprietary lead-generation program so people online looking for transcription services in your geographic area or unique skill set find YOU!

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