Member Registration for Transcriptionists

Who should register as a transcriptionist?

  1. If you are an experienced independent contractor in general transcription, and want to work for yourself rather than for a transcription company.
  2. If you want to build the foundation for your own transcription business by building your customer base while doing work as independent contractor for transcription companies.
  3. If you are thinking about getting into the transcription business. Download our free e-book, Is Transcription Business Right for You if you are unsure.

What is the process for registering as a member?

  1. To register as a Regular Member, take our test OR send us your certification link from Transcription Certification Institute or another similar institution.
  2. Register at the website.
  3. Create your profile on the website.

What is the cost to register as a member?

  1. $250 per year for a profile and use of the platform.
  2. 10% of the amount your revenue.

What are the benefits for members?

  1. Generate more income for the same work – Transcriptionists will generate more income from the same work by eliminating the middle men – transcription companies.
  2. Offer better value to clients – Transcriptionists can provide better rates for its clients, and still offer same security and convenience provided by transcription companies. Here is why:
    1. Transcription companies typically charge their customers 80% or higher over what they pay to their transcriptionists.
    2. This margin is used to pay for the infrastructure cost and for the profit of the company.
    3. offers the infrastructure and convenience of a transcription company to its registered transcriptionists, for only 10% of the fee that your charge to your clients.
    4. A registered transcriptionist can charge 50% over what they are getting paid, and still provide a good value to their customers.
  3. Become financially & professionally more independent – Transcriptionists can start building their own customer base with help from, and become independent from transcription companies.

What is the process for starting transcription work?

  1. Get clients (we will help you with our marketing tips and online marketing of your profile).
  2. Clients will upload their voice files on the website by logging into the system.
  3. After upload, the client will fill in relevant information (duration, clarity, turnaround, etc.) and special instructions (if any) for your planning.
  4. Depending on your agreement, your client may be asked to pay a percentage of the fee upfront.
  5. The system will recognize the client as Your Client and inform you about the uploaded file.
  6. The system will assign a unique file number for each file uploaded.
  7. You download the voice files and transcribe them.
  8. You login and upload the transcript. The system will ask for the file number – just write down the unique file number generated by the system, not the actual filename.
  9. The system will inform the client that the completed transcript is available for download.
  10. Client will pay and download the file.
  11. Transcription Vendors will send your portion of the payment to you every other Friday.

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