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An interview is the systemic questioning of a person or a group of people with the intentions of extracting as much information as possible on a particular subject. Like general transcription, interview transcription too happens to be a widely used and a very loose term. Interviews are conducted by the police, by authors, students, research workers, recruiters, professors, journalists and by many other professionals.

Interview transcription is becoming more and more popular because transcripts are much easier to work with than recordings. The text is easier to refer to and has a much more formal appeal to it when compared to raw audio.

Today interviews are not only conducted face to face but also over the telephone and the internet. Interviews conducted over varying mediums and by using different equipment's are recorded in different formats. A transcription Company must be capable of dealing with these formats and recording devices like VHS, digital recording, cassette, micro cassette etc.

An interview in not necessarily a conversation limited to two individuals but can consist more than two participants. The higher the number of participants tougher does the transcriber’s job become. Many a time in interview transcription, a transcriber is expected to deliver complete verbatim. He must then follow and transcribe not only each and every word spoken in the recording but even sounds like “hmm, ah, you know, sorry etc”. This kind of transcription is much tougher than Intelligent Verbatim transcription, where the transcriber ignores and eliminates miscellaneous words or interjections but keeps all the vital pieces of information expressed in the recording. In intelligent Verbatim Transcription the transcriber may even be expected to improve the language used and correct the grammar.

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