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General Transcription

General transcription involves converting audio into text of anything from a simple web presentation to one-to-one interviews to focus group discussions. As the name suggests ‘general’, the material can come from almost anywhere or anyone, although most general transcription also fits into some main categories.

General Transcription is simply typing information that you hear from an audio file into a document format, according to the client’s specifications.

Businesses are getting more and more advanced with the use of the internet. New technologies are being utilized more, thereby increasing the need for general transcription.

Because it is general and most often comes from various types of businesses and corporations in any industry, consultants, education, etc., most people can start a new career in this field and it's considered one of the fastest ways to start earning money at home. Anyone who is proficient with their computer keyboard with the knowledge of English language can build a successful and profitable home based business.

General transcription, as a profession will continue for many years to come. There are enough transcription works to keep a transcriptionist busy throughout lifetime in all fields.

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