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Focus Group Transcription

A focus group is a market research method in which a group of people discuss certain topics and provide their personal opinions. It is a qualitative research method that provides a company with opinions, feedback and perceptions about a product, service or brand.

These types of meetings can provide lots of useful information to market researchers and companies that need to know how their target market feels about certain things. The group includes the participants and a group moderator, who will ask the relevant questions and help lead the discussion. The group is allowed to respond in a free and unrestricted manner about how they feel, and everyone in the group will have the opportunity to speak their minds.

A focus group transcription is helpful for both the company that is the subject of the group as well as for the market research firm that is conducting the group. Going back through long audio files is a drain on time and resources; it’s a lot easier to go through a transcription and find the exact information you’re looking for. We are able to accurately transcribe audio and video of the focus group session and create an accurate text file. Although there may be an audio or video recording of the group, a transcription will make it easier for people to access, process and fully comprehend the results.

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