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Any transcription activity undertaken by a company, irrespective of the industry it belongs to, can be classified as Business Transcription. In the modern corporate world an endless number of meetings, interviews and seminars are conducted. It is an imperative to create appropriate records of the proceedings and transactions at these events. It can be extremely vital for later reference and can help the business prospects and competitiveness of the firm. Recording the event via audio/video devises and transcribing them is no doubt the best technique to create a media for professional, easy to use future reference of the events.

The condition of today’s economy and the shortage of skilled manpower can restrict firms from getting in-house transcription done. Burdening your current employees with transcription will only force them to compromise with their work objectives and set goals. Expenses too will inevitably rise as you will be required to purchase the right software and hardware equipment. Capable, experienced transcription companies are a perfect alternative to in-house transcription. Not only are they cheaper but are also more likely to provide better transcription quality.

Transcription happens to be an extremely specialized field. A transcription company must employ special transcriptionist when dealing with different industries and different types of transcriptions. It is always helpful for the transcriptionist to have a general awareness of the industry or the type of business she is transcribing for. This allows her to identify special terms and phrases being used.

A very important aspect of business transcription is meeting deadlines. Transcription companies must do all that they can to stick to the contracted turn-around time. Many a time transcripts are required for filing reports and for further business presentations and meetings; the delay in which can be very costly for the firm concerned.

Maintaining confidentiality is a far more important issue when it comes to business transcription. Many of the recordings may contain important internal or sensitive matters. The transcription company as well as the transcriptionist must take all due care not to allow any data leaks during their dealings with the transcript or the audio files.

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