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Academic Transcription

Transcribing lectures, speeches, dissertations are now a norm in universities and colleges. Academic Transcription encompasses transcription of focus groups, seminars, discussions and even meetings. Most academic institutions make audio recordings of their important study and research materials and later transcribe them for further study and analysis. More and more universities and colleges have started to recognize the invaluable assets that academic transcription can provide.

On an individual basis, students too use this service to get their notes and dissertations transcribed. Transcriptions of recorded classroom discussions and lectures can aid students with hearing disabilities. Textual transcripts of the lectures serve as an easy method for them to refer to notes and lectures.

Some of the areas included in academic transcription are:

  • Interviews of one-to-one or multiple speaker research interview
  • Lectures/conferences
  • Focus groups-group meetings and discussions
  • Podcasts and webcasts- live debates and seminars
  • Presentations
  • Course materials

Affordability and accuracy are two important issues in academic transcriptions. Select your transcription company carefully.

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