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Malissa Spencer

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Address/Location8410 Plum Drive Apartment 6
Zip Code50322
Phone Number515-897-8851
Fax Number
Local RegionPolk County, IA
Specialties and Skill
Special ProfileView
Interview TranscriptionView More About This Specialty
Sermon TranscriptionView More About This Specialty
Academic TranscriptionView More About This Specialty
Medical TranscriptionView More About This Specialty
Equipment and Other Skills
  • Headphones
  • Foot-Pedal-Controlled Audio Program
  • Functions and Use of MS Word
  • Functions and Use of Excel
Education Certifications
Highest Education Level
Typing Certification(s)
Certificate TypeInstitute URLCertificate Link
Typing between 50 and 60wpm N/A N/A
Description, Work Experience and References
About My Company
  • None
Experience and References

15 years in Medical Field

2 years Administrative Assistant + Transcription

Personal/Professional References

Marilyn Hutt


Jennifer Woodson


About Me

I have worked in the medical field for 15 plus years.  Started out as a Certified Nursing Assistant, got my degree in Medical Transcription, and continued on to get my Associates and Bachelors degree in Health Administration.  The last two years in the medical industry I was an administrative assistant, during which I used my medical transcription degree in conjunction with my associates degree in Health Administration.
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