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Nelson Samaniego

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Address/Location26 Loomis Crt
Zip Code
Phone Number416 398 7993
Fax Number
Local Region
Specialties and Skill
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English to Spanish TranslationView More About This Specialty
Equipment and Other Skills
  • Headphones
  • Ability to Convert Video to Audio
  • Functions and Use of MS Word
  • Functions and Use of Excel
Education Certifications
Highest Education Level
  • Some College
Typing Certification(s)
Description, Work Experience and References
About My Company
  • None
Experience and References
I was born in Ecuador and grew up in many different places in South America gaining important access to a variety of accents and local idioms. Moved to Canada in my teen years where I completed my education and gained valuable experience.
About Me
I am very passionate about the Spanish language and culture. One of the games I play is trying to figure out the place of origin of Spanish speaking people by their accent or the words they use, and I am glad to say I am very good at it. I love reading books from different places, and watching movies from Latin American countries as they provide a window to the local customs.
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