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Peggy Brown

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Address/Location3944 Franklin Street
CityLa Crescenta
Zip Code91214
Phone Number(818) 248-4851
Fax Number(818) 248-4851
Local RegionLos Angeles, CA
Specialties and Skill
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Insurance transcriptionView More About This Specialty
Equipment and Other Skills
  • Foot Pedal
  • Headphones
  • Foot-Pedal-Controlled Audio Program
  • Functions and Use of MS Word
Education Certifications
Highest Education Level
  • Degree
Typing Certification(s)
Certificate TypeInstitute URLCertificate Link
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  N/A N/A
Description, Work Experience and References
About My Company
 I have been in the insurance industry for the past 18 years. Most of that time spent in auto claims. I have spent 8 years in support positions transcribing recorded statements, letters, and reports. The last 8 years were spent settling auto claims, both property damage and bodily injury claims. I am familiar with medical reports and documentation as well as legal documents and processes. I possess strong communication skills both written and oral. I am dedicated and reliable with a clear understanding for time sensitive production. I have a strong work ethic. I love my work. 
Experience and References
About Me
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